Unattended Ash Scattering

unattended sunset burial at sea from Antonina

There may be any number of occasions when the family of the deceased may be unable to attend the final services of their loved one.  However, San Diego was particularly meaningful to the deceased and that’s where they wanted their cremains to be set free.

On these occasions you want to place the cremated remains of your loved one in the hands of someone you can trust to see out their final wishes.  Capt John of Sea Burials of San Diego is someone you can trust to carry out that final mission.

Captain John Valente has been scattering ashes at sea since 2013 for hundreds of families.  Having retired from a long career in law enforcement and been a US Coast Guard licensed Captain for many years, Capt. John prides himself on personalized service and takes the responsibility of caring for your loved one’s final destination very seriously.


If you live in or around the San Diego area, you can make arrangements with us to deliver your loved one to us, along with your Disposition of Remains Permit issued to you by your funeral director.  When we have both of those in our possession, we will transport your loved one to one of the most picturesque locations off the coast of San Diego and deploy their ashes into the Pacific Ocean.  If you wish, we can provide a certificate with the date, time, and coordinates of disposition in case you ever would like to return for a visit at a later time for a birthday or anniversary.  Upon request, we can also provide a video of your service and send it to you via electronic transfer.


If you are not in the San Diego or surrounding areas and would like to have an ash scattering service for yourself or a loved one, we can assist you with arrangements to have your cremated remains shipped to our office in San Diego via the US Postal Service.  The United States Postal Service is the only postal service that is legally allowed to mail (or ship) human cremated remains.  Please contact us for specific instructions on how to ship your cremains to us in San Diego.

Because we pride ourselves in personalized service, please feel free to contact us any time for questions and consultation. We would be happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.