Jada Classic Sailboat

Flowers adorn Jada

Jada is a 65′ classic sailing yacht built in 1938 and meticulously cared for and maintained.  She has ample deck and cabin space for as many as 30 of your closest family and friends.  Although a classic sailing vessel that is stable and comfortable under sail, she is also motorized if you happen to catch a beautiful San Diego day with less than ideal sailing winds.  She can still put up her sails, but also turn on the motor to give her a little extra push.

Jada is a historic sailing yacht that was originally custom build for a family’s cruising pleasure.  However, since then, she has provided safe passage crossing oceans and extended voyages across the Pacific to Hawaii and Tahiti.  She provides a classy and elegant venue for attended ash scattering burials at sea and Celebration of Life ceremonies.

She has plenty of deck space and comfortable seating both inside her cabin and on the upper deck.  Jada is the only historic sailing vessel in San Diego that can accommodate up to 30 guests and provide safe passage of your loved one to their final resting place in the Pacific Ocean.

Please click the “Request a Service” link if you would like Jada to host your family and loved ones to say farewell to your dearly departed.