Sea Burials of San Diego

Ash Scattering and Full Body Burials at Sea

Sea Burials of San Diego offers a professional, compassionate, eco-friendly, and affordable way of saying farewell to a loved one whose final wishes were to be laid to rest at sea.  We are a full service yacht charter company providing assistance in planning your ash scattering at sea, full body burial at sea, and celebration of life memorial services.  We pride ourselves in providing personalized service to people of all faiths.

First, please allow us to extend our sincerest condolences for the loss of your loved one.  We understand this can be a very trying and challenging time for a family making final arrangements.  Please know that we are here to assist you as much as possible with compassion and empathy for your situation.  You know your loved one best and we can assist you in providing the best service available, no matter which sea burial method you choose.  We have a network of yachts and service providers that we work closely with to provide you, your family and friends with a seamless memorial and funeral at sea service from beginning to final resting place off the beautiful coast of San Diego. 

The Sea Burials division of San Diego Bay Cruises is able to manage your memorial services at sea even if you’re not located in San Diego.  Of course, we invite you and your loved ones to attend your memorial services, but we are also able to conduct unattended ash scattering and burials at sea if you are outside the San Diego area, but your dearly departed wished to be laid to rest off the coast of San Diego.  If your loved one is not cremated, we can arrange for full body burials at sea in San Diego even if your loved one’s body is prepared in another location.  Please contact us to make arrangements for transportation of remains to a funeral home in San Diego.  Cremains can be shipped directly to us for unattended services and scattering at sea.

All of our yacht charters that are used for burials at sea and ash scattering are US Coast Guard credentialed Captains and professional crew.  We can also provide you with a non-denominational officiant to give comfort to you and your family, and officiate a ceremony if you’d like. Or, you’re welcome to invite your own pastor or religious leader.  When booking your service through Sea Burials of San Diego memorial services, you will be directly in touch with our Captain and coordinator for all of your service needs. This is an especially difficult time, emotions are elevated, and some people need a compassionate ear to hear their needs.  Captain John Valente is our Lead Captain, burial at sea coordinator, and Celebration of Life event planner.

Antonina yacht for sea burials

Antonina is a 38′ Gran Sport motor yacht that accommodates intimate groups of no more than 6 guests for attended ash scattering services, or is our transport vessel for unattended ash scattering trips.

Bella Luna Yacht for Sea Burials

Bella Luna is a spacious 50′ modern classic motor yacht capable of accommodating up to 40 guests for Attended ash scattering at sea memorial services.  She has more deck space than the average yacht her size and larger, making for a very comfortable voyage.

Burials at sea Jada sailboat

Jada is a 65′ 1938 classic wooden hull yawl that is the only historic sailing yacht in San Diego conducting both, attended and unattended ash scattering at sea services.  She can comfortably accommodate up to 30 guests.

Sea Burial Arrangements From Outside of San Diego

We understand that circumstances take us in several directions over the course of our lives.  Sometimes, we need to relocate for employment, take care of our families, or simply to try and live new experiences.  For some, San Diego is and always will be in their hearts, and it may be important to them that waters off of San Diego are destined to be their final resting place.  Burials at sea is considerably more cost effective than a cemetery burial.  Please don’t let the logistics of shipping a loved one’s remains deter you from fulfilling their final wishes.  Having remains transported to San Diego is much easier than you’d imagine and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Whether or not you and your family are able to attend the service, we can arrange arrange delivery to San Diego and bringing your loved one to their final resting place in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.  Please click on the Unattended Ash Scattering link and/or contact us for further details and questions.